"Bird" / "Fugl" kids' T-shirt


(English text below)
Denne T-shirt er baseret på vuggevisen 'Bjerget i Skoven', men i vores version er skoven i bjergene og istedet for en dreng der sover på en pude, slutter vi med en pølse i maven på fuglen.
Økologisk T-shirt trykt i serigrafi.

This T-shirt is based on a Danish lullaby called, 'Bjerget i Skoven', in which a forest hides a mountain, on the mountain is a tree, on the tree is a branch, on the branch is a twig and so on. The song zooms in on smaller and smaller details, but in the end the feather of the bird becomes a pillow for a sleeping boy. Our version is a little different - our forest is in the mountains and it ends with a sausage inside the belly of the bird...
Silkscreen-printed on organic T-shirt.